Which is the best professional hosting provider for WordPress & Bluehost Review

Which is the best professional hosting provider for WordPress & Bluehost Review
There are a lot of hosting providers that are worth an honorable mention, and basically, it’s impossible to choose one best hosting provider. No matter which year. Each person should take their time and choose what’s best for them. I personally have been changing hosting providers quite a lot, because I thought it’s worth trying a bunch of them before deciding on “the one” (I’ll tell about it later)

So, when I am considering hosting provider, I would usually look at these criteria, which I think can determine which one is best.

·       Has decent performance, speed, and uptime.

·       Has all the newest updates (for example PHP 7.4. version)
·       Low price (I tried everything and noticed that in the hosting business price doesn’t often do the justice. Expensive doesn’t guarantee high quality, so why not as well take the best price then?)
·       Has positive reviews. Scan through what is the internet saying. Surprisingly the reviews of the most famous hosts are shockingly bad. It helps you to rule out some of them.
·       Customer Support abilities. Find the hosting provider that has your preferable support option. Be it phone support, ticketing system or online chat. My favorite is online chat, cause its fastest, and allows me to explain everything easily in writing.
·       Naturally, you also need to evaluate your own website. And then check the resource allocation with the chosen host (this includes things like email boxes, allowance of websites, subdomains, and many other things)
·       Refund policy. So, you have some time to look around and decide for yourself. And generally, if they don’t have a refund policy, what does it tell you about the host?
Considering all these points, I found Bluehost the best so far! Both in 2019 and 2020. It is my current host and I am very pleased with it. It really fit all the requirements I have mentioned before, and plus they have a very lovely design of their site and are super user-friendly.

Features of Bluehost
#01 Lightning Fast Speed
The moment you hop on to the BLUEHOST website, you will notice how speed is the most highlighted feature. Now look at their pricing plan, they signify speed too such as “Swift” & “Turbo”
This reliable hosting is focused on providing a lightning-fast speed to its customers through its quick response and loading time. Speed performance is the single-most feature that every user looks for before investing and BLUEHOST Webhosting has mastered it.

#02 Modern Developer Tools
The developer can avail the most updated tools and get easy access to new versions instantly. A user can also choose an upgraded plan if managing the tools is a challenge. The user can upgrade to premium plans to get complete support & management of tools. Also, if you a small company or agency looking to host multiple sites under one roof then you can avail admin access for servers along with free server backups.
#03 Secured Servers with Hack Scan
Speed and security are two different poles and keeping them in a balance are quite tricky. The moment you go for extra encryptions on your website, it affects the speed of the website. Given the case, BLUEHOST protects its servers from malware or any other unexpected attack through Hack scan (a monitoring program that works 24*7 to protect the servers from any malicious attack)
#04 Data Storage with RAID 10
In order to ensure no data loss (due to hard drive failure), BLUEHOST uses RAID 10 (Redundant Array of Independent Disk). The feature enables the automatic storage of lost data in other drives where the corrupted or failed drive is completely replaced. No matter which plans you choose, all the storage in BLUEHOST hosting occurs in SSD as they create a significant impact on the speed and loading time of a website.
#05 Easy Site Migration Services
Users with shared hosting (under Lite, Swift & Turbo plans) can migrate one site for free while users with VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting can go up to 25 free site migrations. The user must share their cPanel details with the customer support and they will execute the migration.
#06 Compatibility with Different CMS
BLUEHOST works seamlessly with all popular CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) in the market currently and no developer support is necessary for the setup. With premium plans, a user can also get access to the BLUEHOST plugin to keep up with the site’s speed.
Just like Element or, a user can also go for BLUEHOST’s “Site Builder” to customize their site (depending on the plan). BLUEHOST has Cloudflare CDN that again contributes to the site’s speed.
#07 Money-Back Guarantee
Most hosting providers go for a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case a user faces any issue or finds their investment not worth, the company refunds back the complete amount in 30 days.
BLUEHOST, unlike other hosting providers, doesn’t rely only on the 30-day money-back guarantee instead they are known for offering “anytime money-back guarantee”. If you have purchased a plan for 3 years and decide to quit in the first year then you can apply for money back and you shall be refunded for whatever times you didn’t use their services (2 years’ worth of refund). Also, if there’s anything that doesn’t fall under a refund, the user can keep it. (such as a domain.)

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 #08 Green Hosting Initiative
Amidst the technical features, the Green-hosting initiative needs an honorable mention. Though this mention has nothing to do with you choosing BLUEHOST hosting we believe you should know about the company and its background in-depth since you will be investing in it.
“Future Serve” is an environmental initiative by BLUEHOST hosting where the company has collaborated with Carbon Neutrality for Individuals and Businesses - Carbonfund.org to help do away with the emissions that come off the servers. BLUEHOST hosting understands their moral responsibility and looks forward to protecting the planet from global warming.
If you choose BLUEHOST hosting, indirectly, you will be a part of this global warming preventive measure.
#09 Active & Instant Customer Support
Customer support at BLUEHOST hosting is smooth sailing because they get back to you at the earliest irrespective of time difference.
Firstly, you can dive into their knowledge base and see if any of the articles there answer your query directly. Secondly, if the articles don’t provide the satisfaction you were looking for, reach out to the on-call service. The Guru Crew at BLUEHOST Hosting will resolve your query. In case they miss they will ask you to leave a message and one of the support guru’s call back. Lastly, you can also get ticket-based help or live chat support.
Another key point one must notice is the staff and their proficiency in resolving matters in “English” (reach out from any geography and your support is guaranteed). The customer support unit is in-house and not outsourced to a third-party vendor. The customer support is friendly and looks to resolve all the queries quickly.
#10 SSL Certificates
SSL certification is necessary to encrypt the data sent between the server and the website. Based on the type of site, the user can choose from a variety of options i.e. free SSL, Single-Site, Wild Card, Premium SSL, and Advanced SSL.

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Which is the best professional hosting provider for WordPress & Bluehost Review Which is the best professional hosting provider for WordPress & Bluehost Review Reviewed by Reshma Yadav on May 24, 2020 Rating: 5

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