Friday, 20 March 2020

How to prevent Cyber attack & How you can save your bank account.😎


How to Cyber hacker hack the people account and withdraw money😒 & How You can safe your account. 😎

Hello friends, how do you all hope everyone will be great in today's post I am going to share some tips about how to secure and secure your bank account and online banking system. So please read this post completely. And if you do not understand anything in this post, then definitely ask in the comment. Let's start the post.

As you may have heard, a cyber Necker in newspapers has blown millions of rupees from someone's account. As internet banking is increasing, cyber data also tells you to cheat people by inventing new methods. In what ways are cyber hackers cheating people?
1…. (KYC) in the name of KYC
Today's cyber hackers are fooling people too much in the name of Kiwis and we empty their account easily. He will tell you that you have not completed your KYC on your Paytm and phone. By clicking on this number, you can complete it. When a customer clicks on that number and gives his information, the money will be deducted from his account. Let’s do it. Go.
"Not only that, along with Vinay Pawan, a resident of Solapur, there is an offline fraud in the name of KYC. The hackers sent a list to update the KYC on their mobile number, which was clicked to blow up Rs 30,000. "

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2 .... Credit Card
Nowadays you must have seen that people get calls that their credit card is about to expire. If they want to keep their credit card intact, as soon as you say yes, then they will give your credit card number CVV number and back 3-digit number. Ask. And then say that within 1 hour your card will start running, but the fraudulent flow of money from your account starts.
3… KBC Fraud
Nowadays people must have heard the message or call, you have been elected lucky winner on behalf of KBC and you have got a lottery of 1500000 rupees, if you want to get it, then when you contact them, you say that it is a lottery. You will incur fees for transferring money, after transferring the fee, he will not pick up your phone or will continue to try new ways to rob you more…
How to keep these things in mind
1. If someone calls for KYC with Paytm or bank account, do not forget to share the information.
2. If anyone asks you about food by telling you the winner of the prize scheme, do not forget to share information like number.

3. Do not share CVV number and other information printed on debit card with anyone.
If there is any fraud with you, then please tell in the comment below so that people are careful and avoid getting fraud in this way.

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