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😍Best font style for blogger post Content writing.❤❤


😍Best font style for blogger post Content writing.❤❤
Friends Today's post is for those bloggers who are very nervous while writing their blog post which font to use so that the content looks good. In today's post, I will tell you about some of the fonts that you can use while writing the content of your blog and make your blog content pretty good. So let's start.

Friends, before we know you about those fonts, it is very important to know how to install fonts in your computer first. So let's first know how to install fonts.

How to install fonts in Windows 10 or Windows 7 Computer PC.
First: 1- Go to your windows 10, or 7 windows search option and search “Control Panel” and then click & open it.
Second: 2- Now in Control panel windows go to search tab and search “Font” as shown in below image.

After then click on Fonts Folder as shown on Upper image. Now you can see there are have already lots of Fonts.

Third: 3- Now last step to install font in your computer. You just copy your font format in your download or your folder and paste it in Fonts Folder. Where is located lots of fonts already?
Now you have successfully learn how to install Fonts in windows computer PC.
Friends let’s get discuss Fonts which all you can use to writing blog post content in your laptop computer PC.
Best font style for blogger post Content writing.

1. Domine Font
Friends Domine fonts is best font for content writing your blog. This fonts look very much good. I am suggestion you to when you use this Font you must use ITALIC option in important words its make more beautiful your content. This font is used by many famous bloggers for your information like shoutmeloud, Neil Patel blogger official sites etc.
This Font is absolutely free on Internet you can download through searching on Google or you can click on link below to download this font.
  Download: Link

2. Klavika Font
Second Best font is Klavika. I think Klavika is more best compare then Domine, I don’t know why because both of Fonts looks better we can’t compare goodness to each other. I can suggestion you if don’t like Domine then must use Klavika font. Klavika font also use most of famous blogger for example Technical Vedant etc.
You can download this font manually just searching on Google or I am also provided direct link on below. You just click on link to download it.
Download: Link

3. Georgia
The third one is my best font selection even this blog post which one you reading right now its creating in Georgia font. I am using in my blog only two font first one is Domine or other one Georgia. Georgia is best font for writing content for your blog.
You can check my other post you can see I am used Georgia Font in my website post content. Its look good and prettier to looks more beautiful.
If you want to use Georgia font then you don’t need to download it’s by default available in MS office 2013 or never version you can use directly no need to download and install in your computer.

4. Lucida Bright
Lucida Bright is one of the best font for content writing for your blog. Lucida Bright font most of matching like Domine font so if you want to use both font in same content post then must try to use this Lucida Bright font.😍😍
Lucida Bright font is free to use. It’s already available in MS office 2013, 2018 or latest MS office version. You can directly use it, for this Font you don’t need to download and install it in your computer.

Now friends I hope you like this font which one I shared in this post if you have any question or suggestion then must use comment box to reach us. Thanks for reading this post. If you like this post to must share on social site with your friends like Facebook, Instagram and what’s app etc.
Bye Take care Thanking you.👏💖😍

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