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Facebook Video downloader || How to download Facebook Video in computer and mobile.


Facebook Video downloader || How to download Facebook Video in computer and mobile.
Hi Friends, you all hope that you will all be great, in today's post I am going to tell you how you can download any Facebook video in your computer or mobile.

We are friends, sometimes we use Facebook and we get to see some videos on Facebook that we feel like downloading. As you may have noticed, many times you see a comedy or a video with information on Facebook and you wish that I could download this video, then in today's video, I want to tell you about the Facebook downloader app. Am going to And friends, if you want to download Facebook video in your laptop or computer, then Facebook video downloader software will also be given in this post for your Laptop and desktop windows computer.
Note: Friends, I am not promoting any software or application in this post. I am sharing this information for my visitors. If you like the Facebook video downloader software mentioned in this post, then only you can skip this post. This is your choice.

Facebook Video downloader for Windows laptop & Desktop
Friends firstly we will learn how to use Facebook Video Downloader software in your Windows computer and download Facebook video, then we will teach you how to download it on Android phone.
Friends We will use a Chrome extension for download Facebook videos to their Windows computers. Chrome is a web a browser. If your computer does not have a Chrome browser, then first install the Chrome browser in your computer.
First 1: Friends, now I am assuming that you will have installed Chrome browser in your laptop. After installing Chrome browser, Simply open the Chrome browser.
Second 2: After opening your chrome browser go to search bar and type “Facebook Video downloader for chrome extension” and then hit enter button.
After that open first link in search result. The first link is “Facebook Video Downloader “chrome extension. As shown in below image.
Facebook Video downloader || How to download Facebook Video in computer and mobile, fb video downloader,

Third 3: Now just click on Add to Chrome Button to install in your windows computer Chrome Browser. 
After clicking on Add to Chrome Button its install in your Google Chrome browser in few seconds.
Four 4: After successfully install Facebook Video downloader chrome extension just reopen your chrome browser.
Now its time to download any Facebook Video in your Computer Chrome browser, now just login in your Facebook account and choose a video which one you want to download, now you can see a Download button showing on Video right upper side.
You just click on Download button then it’s taken few second to start your video download. Friends I hope you understand properly, if you facing any issue then please ask me in comment section, I guaranteed help you in few minutes.

Facebook Video downloader for Android & IOS.
Friends, now I will tell you how you can download any Facebook video to your mobile whether it is Android or iOS.
Friends If you don’t know, then I would like to tell you that there are thousands of apps on Play store and Appstore. You can download any of those apps which have good rating and reviews and good comments.
Friends if you don’t have idea to find good Facebook Video downloader App then I recommend a App for you, This App I am already use to download Facebook Video.
How to Install Facebook Video Downloader App for Android & IOS.
First 1: Just open Play Store in your Android Phone and if you are using IOS then open App Store in your IOS phone,
Second 2: After that search in Play Store and App Store search box “Facebook Video downloader” Now you can see lots of App on the store.
Third 3: After that you can download an App which one have good rating and good comment also and then download an App in this list.
Now you are ready to download any Facebook Video using your phone,
Friends if you can’t decide to download a good Facebook video downloader app then I recommend an app which one I using already. Please click on link to download those app.  👉Click Here To Download Facebook Video Downloader App for Android

So friends I hope you like this post and this post is helpful to you, if you like this post then must share with your friends on social sites like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp etc. Please keep reading and keep visiting bye take care, Thanks for reading.

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