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What is Admob & How to create a successfully Admob Account to make lots of money?


What is Admob & How to create a successfully Admob Account to make lots of money?
Hi Friends & How are you friends? You have not been bringing any new posts for a long time. Because I was not right, now my health is correct. In today's post, I will tell you about Google Admob. Friends, this post is going to be very good, so please read the post in full, I take a guarantee and you will like this post.

Who is don’t want to make money online just setting on home friends today post I am going to share you a Google Best Earning Source which is very working methods and never cheat any customer. Now that time. Much people are making lots of money using Google Admob.
Friends in today post I am going to share you deep knowledge about Google Admob, and what is Admob or how you can make lots of money using Google Admob.

What is Admob? – What is Google Admob?
Let’s just know in deep about Google Admob. Friends if you don’t know about google Admob than please read this post line by line.
Admob is Google product. Admob is an online earning platform. Anyone can make lots of money with Admob. Admob is advertising or monetize source to your Android or IOS App. Yes friends if you have knowledge or skills to developing Android Apps than more easy to you make money through Google Admob.

Who can make money through Google Admob?
Friends if you want to make money through. Friends, if you want to earn millions of rupees while sitting at home, then according to me Google Admob platform is the best earning source.
Friends you must have seen some of your friends or any relative who has to work hard to earn money. You must also have seen some friends who stay away from their family and eat it by hand and live a daily job life, but if you work with Google Admob, then you have complete freedom.
You can earn by staying anywhere. All you need is your laptop and internet facility.
Friends may have seen a lot of people roaming around the world like Hollywood movies or you might have seen some person from a Europe country who roams the whole world and this is what comes to our mind that these people said that much money to roam from Will bring So friends, I would like to tell you that these people use an online earning platform like Google Admob, through which these people roam the whole world and keep earning money too.

What need to make money online Through Google Admob?
·        A Laptop or Desktop Computer
·        Good Internet Connection
·        A Google Admob account
·        An Android or IOS App
·        A Google Developer console Account – For publishing your App on App Store or PlayStore.
·        Some money for Promoting your App.
To earn money from Google Admob, you will need all the things in the above list. I will explain you all the points in details.

A Laptop or Desktop Computer:  Friends, you will need a laptop or desktop computer to earn money from Google Admob. Because you need a laptop to manage your Android or iOS app and to do a lot of work for customer review in Google Play Store and App store.
As the friends know that they are going to do online earning, it is a simple matter that you will need a laptop.

Good Internet connection:  
Friends as you know that in this post I am telling you about Google Admob Online Earning. So the matter is very simple, if you do not have a good internet connection, then you will have a lot of problem to do all this. Therefore you should have an internet connection which works at a good speed.

A Google Admob Account:
Friends, you only have to create an account of Google Admob if you have to do online earning.
Creating Google Admob account is very easy. Just as you create a Facebook account, you also have to create an account with Google Admob.
To create a Google Admob account, first of all you have to create a new Gmail account, after this you have to open this link. and then Signup the account normally.
If you can’t do this steps than ask me in comment section and then I help you personally.

An Android or IOS App:
Friends, our biggest need now is that of an Android or iOS app because we cannot make money from Google Admob unless we have no app. Because we will need an app to place AIDS from Google Admob.
If you do not know how to make Android App, then you can make Android App from someone else. For this, you will have to get a cheap Android developer to give you a good Android app and implement Admob AIDS in it. If you need my help for this, then comment me.

What is Admob & How to create a successfully Admob Account to make lots of money?

A Google Developer console Account – For publishing your App on App Store or PlayStore:
Friends is now the biggest step that you have to complete and this is that you will have to purchase a Google Play Store account. For this, you will have to pay 25 $ once from Google. After this you can publish as many apps as you want in the PlayStore.
Now I am just assume that you have created an android apps and also done purchased Google Play-Store account from Google.

Some money for Promoting your App: Now friend’s last option is when you make everything ready than you need to expense some money for promoting your App through Google Ads or Facebook Ads to gain more traffic or install in your app. Because the more installed the more traffic and the more traffic the more money. Friends when you promote your app then boost your Admob Earning fast.
If you don’t want to promote or expense money than you need to wait some months for auto organic traffic & Install in your App. Its take some time to making money through Google Admob.
Conclusion: Friends this post I am sharing you a way where you can make lots of money just seating on home. Now time in the world many people are making million dollar using Google Admob Platform. You just need right An Android application and need to promote more user Install. After that you 100 % making thousands of dollar through Google Admob.
Friends today post is now going to end if you facing any issue than please ask me in comment section I help you frequently. If you like this post so please share with your friends on social sites, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. please keep reading and keep supporting thanks for reading my post. Bye Take care.   

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