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How to use Shutdown CMD (Command Prompt) Command to shut down, restart any computer


How to use Shutdown CMD (Command Prompt) Command to shut down, restart any computer
Hello friends how are you all I hope all will be well. In today's post, I am going to tell you how to shut down or restart your laptop or computer through the command prompt.
How to use Shutdown CMD (Command Prompt) Command to shut down, restart any computer

In this post, I will tell you 3 ways by which you can shut down and restart any computer from the command prompt. This post is of great use, friends, if you read this post completely, it will definitely come very useful to you.

Some Basic about CMD (Command Prompt) in Windows Computer:  Friends many people are don’t know about windows CMD tool so that’s region I am sharing some about basic information about CMD (Command Prompt). CMD is stands on Command Prompt people also ask in shortcut name CMD, CMD is a tool in windows 10 operating system where you can manage all controls through using windows commands. Most of controls you can’t control without CMD commands that’s the region most of windows system engineer and people are using CMD in windows.
CMD is high level or IT Engineer use only tools, this tools normal people can’t be use because it’s difficult to remember in mind for basic use windows people.
But in this post I am going to share some CMD Commands. This command you can use to shut down and restart any computer. I am going to teach you how to shut down and restart any computer using CMD with three ways. So please follow my all steps carefully to you can learn very easy.

First Methods Steps:
First 1: The first command is for shut down any computer using command just follow the steps: Just open your CMD in Run as Administrator Mode.
And then type “shutdown” in the command prompt window.
Second 2: Now you see various commands on command prompt window as shown in below image.

Third 3: Type “shutdown /s” to Shutdown your computer
Four 4: Type “shutdown /r” to restart your windows computer pc.
Five 5: Type “shutdown /l” to log off your windows laptop pc.
Six 6: Type “shutdown /a” to abort the shutdown process before shutdown the laptop.
Seven 7: if you want to more option and command regarding shutdown computer through command prompt than just type “shutdown” in your command prompt.
Second Method Steps:
Friends in first methods I am just shared you how you can shutdown and restart any computer using command and in command prompt.
But in second method I am going to share you how you can create batch file and run your command in by just a single click and then command get execute.
Friends if you don’t know about .bat file or bat programming then I am sharing few information about that in this post .
About Bat file or Bat programming: Friends .Bat is extension of command prompt executable file. Let’s an example for your better understanding, friends let’s suppose when you save any excel or doc file than these files showing .xls and .docx these means these file are Excel or Document files and this files we can open in Excel and word only.
Same think in .bat file. Friends if you see any file with extension .bat that means this files is Command Prompt executable files.
In second methods I am going teach how you can make .bat file to executive any time any computer without opening command prompt. This methods is very useful and very effective.

Step 1: Just open your Notepad and types this command “shutdown /s /f /t 0” and then save it (ctrl+s) in .bat extension, as shown in below image.

Step 2: When you complete your saved your command then its look like as shown in below image.

Step 3: Now your shutdown executable file is ready to work. When you click on this than your system automatically shutdown in sudden moment.

Friends you can replace your own code as you want suppose if you want to create for restart .bat file than simply copy restart code which one I given you in first methods and then paste it on notepad and saved it in .bat extension file now than again your executable file ready to execute.
Friends I hope you like this post if you facing any issue than please ask me in comment section. If you like than please share this post on social sites Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp etc.

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