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How to Create a New Blog or Website

How to Create a New Blog or Website
Hi Friends, Good morning all of you. Ok let’s discuss about today post, friends today I going to teach you how to create a new blog or Website on Blogger platform and then next article when I write that time I teach you how to create a Blog or Website on WordPress platform. So lets start now.

What is blog & why we make it a blog on Blogger or WordPress
Friends before we are going to create a Blog or website on Blogspot or Word Press I want to give you some basic information about Blogger and WordPress. So friends many people have many thinking some people are create a blog for sharing there thought or ideas and many people are create a blog earning money only. If your motto is only making money through your blog than you need some skills to to write some good article for you blog or websites. If you can’t write good article or cant share good ideas on your blog than you never make money through your Blog or Website.

And second thing if you thinking you going to creating a unique content through copy some other website content and paste it in your blog or site than you absolutely wrong because Google is very clever, Google have all website content data and its can detect your content and its can search it that website where you copy your content.

And if you have good writing skills than most welcome in Blogging, you can success here. for a success blogger is who create a daily a post or published it on own his site or blog. Because Google is concentrate our website and monitored it. Which blog have daily blog post update this blog Google suggesting to rank on it.

Which one is best for Blogging Blogger or WordPress?
Friends if you are a new blogger than my suggestion is you use or create your blog on Blogger or BlogSpot site because here is everything is free. You can find free domain and free high speed Google server hosting for your blog. Why I am suggesting you to create your blog on blogger because in future if you not get success in blogging than you don’t have any lose here. and if you get success on blogging than you can easily shift on WordPress.

And I you are a Professional blogger than I thing you know good information compare than me because you are professional blogger.
And by the way my suggestion you use WordPress and 100 % percentage get success on blogging carrier.

Many region why use WordPress: Friends in WordPress have lots of tools for our site or Blog, we can use this tools to get rank on Google easily if your content have good. In WordPress have lots of other on page SEO tools which we can use to optimize our blog or website easily.

What you need to make a Blog on Blogger or Blogspot.

1. A Mobile number verified GMAIL Account.
2. Laptop and Desktop.
3. Good internet connection.

Friends you just follow the my steps I guaranteed you can create a blog very easy without having any problem.
First 1:  Go to the  after that click on SIGN IN Button as shown in below image.
How to Create a New Blog or Website

And then it asking you to login Gmail id & password, simply enter it and click Next button as shown in below snap shot.
How to Create a New Blog or Website
Second 2: after login it asking you to enter your Blog Title, and Your Blog Address URL and select a theme template for your website or blog as shown in below image.
How to Create a New Blog or Website
After that Click on Create Blog Button as shown on upper image.
Third 3: after click on Create Blog button you automatically redirect on you blog dashboard in the dash board you can see lots of option and function.
But in this post I am just teach you some function of blog like how to view your blog or how to create Post or how to create a Page on your blog.
How to Create a New Blog or Website Step by Step.
Please see the below snap shot for your understanding, your Blog dashboard looks like this.
How to Create a New Blog or Website
Fourth 4:  now if you want to see how its your blog looks like than click on View Blog button. As shown on Upper image.
Now you need to create some post for your blog (website).
How to create New Post in Blog please follow the steps.
1.      Click on Post option and then click on New post button as shown in below image.
How to Create a New Blog or Website
2.     after clicking on New Post option its automatically open a new window its look like below snap shot.
How to Create a New Blog or Website
In Post Title label write your Post Title related your article.  And in below page you can write your content which you want. You can write thousand of word in this have no limitation.
In your post you can use images, video, another website or blog link also. These options are available on Below Post Title label option, you can check one bye one everything.
For your goodness please give some time to understand these are function by your self its very easy to understand. If you want to learn than you can learn self, no need to help anyone.
Ok friends today post is now I am going to end, and next post is coming soon.

If any problem in this post, please ask me in comment section. And if you like this post please share your friends on social site Facebook, WhatsApp an Instagram.


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