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5 Most useful Google Product you must know

5 Most useful Google Product you must know.
How are friends, you all hope that everyone will be great. Friends, in this present day, I am going to tell you about some of the best product services of Google, which provides us absolutely free Google. Friends, whatever I am writing in today's post, you may already know but I still request you to read this post completely because you will definitely learn a lot in this post.
So friends, let's start this post.

We are going to discuss below Google product topics.
1.      Google
2.    Google Mail (Gmail)
3.    Google Drive
4.     Blogger or Blogspot
5.     Google Adsense

First 1 : What is Google
Google is Search engine Originally known as BackRub. Google search engine Started development in 1996 by Sergey brin and Larry page as a Research project in  Stanford university to find files on the Internet. Google is Best Search Engine. Also we know when we need any information we just search on google than we find answer in few second this is Google search engine power.
Google search engine have some alternative Bing and Yahoo. But in the word Google is most use by people compare than Bing & Yahoo. On whole world every second people are searching over 3.5 - 4.0 billion searches on Google or you can say this is active users on Google on every second.
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Second 2 : Google Mail or GMAIL
GMAIL is known as Google mail. Gmail is most used platform for mailing. In the world every android phone must need a Gmail account you just think now that time on whole world 900 billion smartphone users so you can assume 900 Billion Gmail id is active right now or its incising day by day in millions.
Gmail is free EMAIL service provider. Where you can find strong security by Google best design template and many more best services related of mailing system.
You can create Gmail id in Few second just click on link You can create Email on Google Mail just few steps.
Third 3: Google drive
 Google drive is cloud space its provided by Google. Google drive provided 15 GB Cloud space on Google drive server. Google drive is very easy to use and very user friendly & responsive Template so its make more easy to use for users.
If you want to create Account on Google Drive than you need a GMAIL id first if you don’t have GMAIL id than you can’t use Google Drive.
You need to first create a Gmail id and than go to this link à .
When you open google drive link than asking you your Gmail id & than Your password you just input it after that its automatically redirect you on Google drive Dashboard.
On Google drive you can upload multi types of files like images, Videos, gif, music, your personal documents, and personal videos, contacts etc. Even if you want to share any files on Internet than you can share your file link those person who want to see or download its very easy function on Google drive I really like this function.
The best thing in google is when you upload your data on Google drive cloud than you can access this data anywhere any device, You just need a Laptop or Smart phone and just login in your Google drive account than you can see it your data. Its very simple.

Fourth 4: Blogger or Blogspot
I think Blogger is best product on Google. if you don’t know about blogger or Blogspot than please continue reading this post.
If you have talent to write best article content than most welcome on Blogger. Friends Blogger provided user to create a blog or website on Google Free hosting. If you want to create a website or blog with no money means free so most welcome on Blogger you just click on this link to create a new Blog today.  
If you upload daily unique content on your blog site than you reach high traffic on your site with google ranking.
People also used blogger or blogspot to share his experience or opinion on the internet. If your site or blog reach high traffic than you can also make money by your blogspot site you just need to monetize your blog through ads by Google Adsense. We are discussing what is Google Adsense on next topic.

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Fifth 5 : What is Google Adsense:
First of all I want to give you an example before discussing what is Google Adsense. You just open any website on your computer or mobile browser. When you open a website than what you see, you see lots of ads showing on site like banner ads, popup ads etc with website content when you click on there ads than website owner make money through your click. The money pay Google Adsense to Website owner.
Millions of website are running and making thousands of dollar per day Using Google Adsense.

If I tell you in just simple way than Google Adsense is a Way to make money online through your website or Blog.
If you want deep knowledge about Google Adsense and Blogging than please comment me I Write a another article for this and teach you, how to create Blogger site or How to apply fo Google Adsense.

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